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Medicare Basics

What is Medicare?

Medicare is health insurance, managed by the Federal government, for people age 65 or older, people with certain disabilities, and anyone with End-Stage Renal Disease. In order to qualify for Medicare you must also have lived in the United States for at least 5 years and have entered lawfully.

Parts of Medicare

Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance)

  • Helps pay hospital bills after deductible has been met.
  • Helps cover expenses for care received through a skilled nursing facility, hospice, and home health care, if certain conditions are met.

Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance)

  • Pays 80% for doctors’ services, outpatient hospital care, and home health services after deductible is met.
  • Pays 80% for ambulance services after deductible is met.
  • Pays 80% for covered medical equipment or supplies after deductible is met.
  • Pays 100% for certain preventative services (no deductible) and 80% for other covered preventative services (deductible depends on service). 

Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage Plans)

  • Offered by private Medicare-approved companies.
  • Provides all of Part A and Part B coverage and may offer extra coverage, such as dental, vision, hearing, and/or wellness programs.
  • Most include Part D drug coverage.
  • Most Medicare Advantage plans use a network of doctors and hospitals. Some of these (PPO for example) allow you to go out-of-network but you pay a larger portion while others (HMO for example), do not pay at all for out-of-network services.

Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage)

  • Offered by private Medicare-approved companies.
  • Helps cover the cost of prescriptions drugs.

In this section of Medicare Insurance Finders we will go over the basics of Medicare. For more information including premium, deductible, and co-insurance amounts, please read the following articles:

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