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Prescription Drug Plans for Seniors

Medicare prescription drug plans (Medicare PDP) for seniors are covered under Medicare Part D.  This “Part” of Medicare went into effect January 1st 2006 and was established as a way for seniors to get drug coverage. Medicare Part D plans can have deductibles, co-pays, or co-insurance for the different drugs you buy.  These plans have specific enrollment periods that allow you to enroll during specific time frames.

Many seniors have been extremely happy with Medicare Part D and other seniors have absolutely hated the Medicare PDP program.  Several reasons why seniors have enjoyed the program are: lower drug costs through cost sharing, no health question policies, and the ability to continue going to the same pharmacy they have been attending for years.  Other seniors despise Medicare Part D for: the donut hole, having to sign up or risk getting a 1% penalty per month they do not sign up for the rest of their life, and for having to deal with limitations on particular drugs.

Most people have a little trouble understanding the ins and outs of Medicare PDP.  Between the numerous plans available to seniors and the fact that they change plan design every year makes them a little confusing for people to grasp.

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