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New to Medicare

CMS adopted NAIC Medigap Modernization Model to comply with MIPPA 2008. The major changes will be occurring in the Medigap/Medicare Supplement insurance market on June 1st, 2010

These changes include

  • Eliminating some benefits (At Home Recovery benefit)
  • Eliminating some Medigap insurance plans (E, H, I, J, K, L and High Deductible J)
  • Increasing Part B excess
  • Introducing 2 new Medicare Supplement insurance plans (M and N)

If you already have one of the Medigap insurance plans being eliminated, this will not affect you. These changes only apply to new Medigap/Medicare Supplement insurance enrollees. It is very important that you know your options and how the new Medicare changes will or will not affect you. The reason some of the plans will be eliminated is because when CMS eliminated the At Home Recovery benefit, it caused some of the plans to be identical. Aside from the eliminated benefits, there is not a difference in the Medigap insurance plans being eliminated and the current plans that will not be changed.

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