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Medicare Supplement Companies

Every state across the US has numerous Medicare Supplement Companies available for you to consider when purchasing a Medigap policy.  Even though the benefits are standardized (meaning there is no difference in Medicare coverage) and the claims service is monitored by Medicare there are several things you should consider during the buying process.

Consider the price

The 1st thing to consider is PRICE.  Since these Medigap or Medicare Supplement policies have the same exact Medicare coverage, price is a very important factor.  We see seniors all the time that are paying $300 a month for a Plan F when they could be paying $150 for the same exact Medicare coverage.  We recommend that policy holders review their options every three years at least.  Health conditions may be a hindrance in changing plans, but you will never know unless you speak with a qualified agent.

How strong is the company?

The 2nd thing to consider is the financial stability of Medicare Supplement Companies.  There are several rating services such as A.M. Best or Moody’s that will rate the companies based on their financial strength.  This is important to us because we have seen several Medicare Supplement companies in the last few years that became financial unstable and actually went into receivership. If you want to know what qualifies them as a “SECURE” company it is a B+ rating or higher and those are the only carriers we recommend to our clients.

When considering Medicare Supplement Companies don't hesitate to call or email us to find out more information pertaining to your state.  Feel free to review one of the articles below for this.