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Medicare Info & Updates

Have you ever been confused about all the Medicare information you receive in the mail or wonder which “Important Medicare Updates” are actually important?  If so, welcome there are millions of people each year entering Medicare that are in the same shoes as you.  Each year pieces change and important Medicare updates are posted on official websites.  Our goal is to take these complicated subjects and put them into laymen terms so the average citizen can understand what is going on.

In 2010 alone we have seen numerous changes to the Medicare market.  In example: the Medicare Modernization Act went into effect and changed the Medicare Supplement Plan purchased after June 1st 2010.  This is important news that you need to be aware of because it affects you if you have a Medicare Supplement Plan.

Throughout this website and in this category specifically we will be explaining the information you need to be informed and updated on Medicare.  Below are some of the articles we have published to help you with this.